Daily puzzles:
crossrookie target audience: Crossrookie target audience: Primarily USA with some UK references. Sports, geography and entertainment knowledge and trivia. Wordplay. All for fun.
Typecrossrookie TitleLanguageLevelDate
Crossword GeneralThemeless IIIEnglishnormal31 May 2024
Crossword GeneralInnocentEnglishnormal17 Apr 2024
Crossword GeneralWhat's IN a Name IIEnglishnormal03 Jan 2024
Crossword GeneralRock of AgesEnglishnormal13 Dec 2023
Crossword GeneralThemeless IIEnglishnormal14 Aug 2023
Crossword GeneralSportspageEnglishnormal25 Jul 2023
Crossword GeneralCelebrity ChefsEnglishnormal01 May 2023
Crossword GeneralThemelessEnglishnormal21 Mar 2023
Crossword GeneralAvon CallingEnglishnormal11 Mar 2023
Crossword GeneralUntitled XIVEnglishnormal15 Feb 2023
Crossword GeneralSuperlativesEnglishnormal03 Jan 2023
Crossword GeneralBack to the '50's IIEnglishnormal22 Nov 2022
Crossword GeneralEWNSEnglisheasy11 Jul 2022
Crossword GeneralUntitled XIIIEnglishnormal27 Apr 2022
Crossword GeneralCelebrity MovesEnglishnormal14 Apr 2022
Crossword GeneralCursesEnglishnormal07 Apr 2022
Crossword GeneralUntitled XIIEnglishnormal23 Dec 2021
Crossword GeneralUntitled XIEnglishnormal16 Nov 2021
Crossword GeneralUntitled XEnglishnormal11 Nov 2021
Crossword GeneralLyricsEnglishnormal09 Nov 2021
Crossword GeneralEasy StreetsEnglishnormal13 Oct 2021
Crossword GeneralFood for ThoughtEnglishnormal19 May 2021
Crossword GeneralWhat's IN a NameEnglishnormal30 Mar 2021
Crossword GeneralUntitled VIIIEnglishnormal07 Jan 2021
Crossword GeneralUntitled VIIEnglishnormal28 Dec 2020
Crossword GeneralOrder by NameEnglishnormal03 Dec 2020
Crossword GeneralUntitled IXEnglishnormal19 Oct 2020
Crossword GeneralNamelyEnglishnormal08 Jun 2020
Crossword GeneralDOMinationEnglishnormal31 May 2020
Crossword GeneralOf Courses IIEnglishnormal14 May 2020
Crossword GeneralThat's Entertainment IIEnglishnormal26 Apr 2020
Crossword GeneralThat's EntertainmentEnglishnormal16 Mar 2020
Crossword GeneralWhat's in a NameEnglishnormal13 Feb 2020
Crossword GeneralCity of Lakes RedeuxEnglishnormal08 Feb 2020
Crossword GeneralMemories IIEnglishnormal29 Jan 2020
Crossword GeneralMemoriesEnglishnormal06 Jan 2020
Crossword GeneralEither/orEnglishnormal10 Nov 2019
Crossword GeneralOf CoursesEnglishnormal29 Oct 2019
Crossword GeneralGone FishingEnglishnormal08 Oct 2019
Crossword GeneralUntitled VIEnglishnormal23 Sep 2019
Crossword GeneralHuh?Englishnormal04 Mar 2019
Crossword GeneralUntitled VEnglishnormal31 Dec 2018
Crossword GeneralGrand Old Game IIEnglishnormal20 Dec 2018
Crossword GeneralTangled Titles IVEnglishnormal19 Dec 2018
Crossword GeneralUntitled IVEnglishnormal03 Nov 2018
Crossword GeneralGrand Old GameEnglishnormal02 Nov 2018
Crossword GeneralSpell Cheque IIEnglishnormal11 Sep 2018
Crossword GeneralSpell ChequeEnglishnormal19 Jul 2018
Crossword GeneralUntitled IIIEnglishnormal17 May 2018
Crossword GeneralUntitled IIEnglishnormal16 Apr 2018
Crossword GeneralUntitled IEnglishnormal18 Mar 2018
Crossword GeneralTangled Titles IIIEnglishnormal15 Nov 2017
Crossword GeneralTangled titles IIEnglishnormal14 Oct 2017
Crossword GeneralTangled TitlesEnglishnormal02 Sep 2017
Crossword GeneralFab Four IIEnglishnormal02 Jul 2017
Crossword GeneralFab FourEnglishnormal09 Jun 2017
Crossword GeneralBack to the '50'sEnglishnormal28 Mar 2017
Crossword GeneralCity of LakesEnglishnormal10 Mar 2017