The Wish list for new PuzzleFoundry functionality

Create a phone App

Create a thesaurus and word pattern search for smartphones.

Effort: 4 months

Animation export

Create the ability for full members to export a Special function animation to a MPG or GIF.

Effort: 3 months

Export import function for Crosswords

Create an (XML) export and import for crosswords. Before doing this, we need to identify possible interchange partners.

Effort: 1 month

Automatic crossword generator

Members can supply a list of words and we would create the most optimum (most compact) puzzle from those words.

Effort: 3 months


Create a public box where Members can leave public comments - The PF home page display the last few comments.

Effort: 2 months


Create a game analogous to a two sided board-game where players try to invade each others territory using words.

Effort: 9 months

Semantic Special funtion

Create some functionality to implement rudimentary semantic equivalence.

Effort: 3 months

krisvan 2019-03-15 00h01