Puzzlefoundry needs to become self-funded to be sustainable so we need member contributions. Hopefully revenue through member donations will achieve this. Donations/subscriptions will automatically enhance your membership status.


The subscription system that has been set up through Paypal is not ideal for Puzzlefoundry or for members and will affect subscriber members as follows:

  • Paypal require subscribers to set up a Paypal account as Puzzlefoundry does not reside in the USA (bizarre)
  • Paypal requires more than one subscription payment to be set up initially so the number of Paypal subscriptions are set at two. Only the first payment will go through when you make a donation. Simply cancel the second subscription through your Paypal account if you do not want the second subscription to activate on expiry of the initial period.

We thank supporters and please let us know whether Paypal is acceptable or not. We can make an alternative arrangement. Once PuzzleFoundry becomes more sustainable we will want to improve this system.

donaldo 2016-11-19 01h09