Puzzlefoundry puzzles

Crosswords - Creating and solving

Poligram - Creating and solving

Daily puzzles:

Wordle - A common word guessing game

  • Select your preferred Wordle language from the selection
  • Select if you want to guess 4-letter words, 5-letter words or 6-letter words

  • For the 5-letter words, the player has to guess real words. For 4-letter and 6-letter words any combination of letters can be used

  • Feedback is given in the form of coloured tiles

  • You have to guess the word within six tries

XGram - A Poligram consisting of two words

  • Use 9 letters to create two 5 letter words, or use 13 letters to create two 7 letter words
  • The two words have the same centre letter.
  • Each letter letter is used once and must be used.

  • The easiest way to solve it is to try and find one word, and then the other word.

  • Xgrams have more than one possible solution

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