Word Concepts

In this PuzzleFoundry algorithm we use graph theory to try and separate words into meaningful groups. Two linked words cannot form a cluster of their own. The algorithm starts the search on directly related words and then searches outwards. PuzzleFoundry uses multilingual dictionaries, so even though results are shown in one language only, ALL languages are used to determine clusters.

For completeness, word definitions (phrases) are also displayed.

Example: something better than Bread?

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The above results will vary as dictionaries are maintained

On conclusion of the run, clusters are merged when they are very similar. It is off course possible that a word only meaningfully relate to a single word group.

The most common causes for garbage output are:

  • Too few dictionary links on related words
  • Words are incorrectly linked in the dictionaries.
  • Too many dictionary links on related words

So the thesaurus needs maintenance when the output is nonsense! Contact us to become a dictionary editor ;)

Unique Functions are processing intensive and are available here

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