Unique PuzzleFoundry functions

All Unique Functions are available to full members and some functions are available to all members.

Word Ladder

A word ladder puzzle begins with two words of the same length (like good and evil, each four letters). To solve the puzzle, you, or the PuzzleFoundry algorithm must find a chain of other words to link the two. Each link in the chain or step in the ladder has one letter swapped.

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Word Walk

Word Walk is a meander through the PuzzleFoundry thesaurus to link two words with disparate meanings to each other. For example good and bad may be linked through: good -> secure -> strong -> hard -> tough -> bad

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Word Concepts

A word like "bread" could be of the oldest baked foods or "bread" could refer to money. This algorithm uses PuzzleFoundry dictionary linking patterns to determine meaning groups or SynSets.

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Word Resemblance

When you supply any word string this algorithm find the words that look like the supplied word. This list of words could form the basis of one of your puzzles.

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Unique Functions are processing intensive and are available here

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