Word Ladder

Word ladder (also known as Doublets) is a word game invented by Lewis Carroll. A word ladder puzzle begins with two words, and to solve the puzzle one must find a chain of other words to link the two, in which two adjacent words (that is, words in successive steps) has one letter swapped.

  • Play starts with a starting word and an ending word that exists in the PuzzleFoundry thesaurus
  • Starting and ending words must be the same length (like good an evil, each four letters). Shorter words are more likely to have solutions than long words.
  • One can swap any letter at a time, attempting to move from the starting word to the ending word. In the PuzzleFoundry version you can also swap a letter with any other letter in the same word.
  • Each intermediate step must be a valid word

Some samples:

  • funny -> fanny -> canny -> candy -> bandy -> baldy -> badly -> sadly
  • good -> goad -> road -> read -> real -> veal -> veil -> evil

The steps in the samples from (baldy -> badly) and (veil -> evil) illustrates swaps within the same word.

Note that results may change over time as words are added or deleted.

Unique Functions are processing intensive and are available here

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