Word or Dictionary searches

Dictionary searches available on different screens in the system. Full Members can perform advanced searches.


Finds related words. You can also search for and find related words in different languages.

Word pattern

Finds words that match a certain pattern.

The search uses a template with question marks ? or asterisk * as wild cards.

For example, a???? or a**** finds all 5 letter words that start with an "a".

This is useful for creating and solving crosswords.


Finds words formed by rearranging letters in another word - for example 'united' is an anagram of 'untied'


Finds words that start with a user defined alphabetic sequence.


Finds words that contains a user defined alphabetic sequence somewhere in the body of the word.


Finds words that end with a user defined alphabetic sequence.

Similar Spelling

Find words that only differ by one letter.

Requirements for word searches:

  • The 'word pattern' search needs word-patterns of at least 3 characters long, including wild-cards
  • All other searches need words or word-parts that are at least two characters long
  • All characters need to be alphabetical.
  • Thesaurus and Word pattern searches are available to all users
  • other searches are available only to full members

Edit screen

When you reach the edit screen there is a display of the searched word and all the words linked to it.


The "related" button searches (1) for words in the same language which are indirectly linked to the current

word and (2) for words in the current word language which are indirectly linked through words in other languages.

This may find words which are more loosely associated with the searched word. It may also return words which you will decide a false positives. This happens because of links in other languages.

see other searches

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