Dictionary searches

Puzzle Searches on language, type, level or member. Or see your current puzzle saves on your Puzzle Home page.

Seek across word networks using Unique Functions

Wiki search

The wiki search is available on the top right-hand corner of each page on the wiki.

Wild cards

You can use ? to represent a single character and * to represent any number of characters, e.g. cross* will return: crosses, crossword, crosswords etc

Search an exact phrase

by putting it in quotes, e.g. "as wild cards"

Separate words

The search string crossword AND puzzle will return a list of documents that contain both words. Note that AND is the default so the string crossword puzzlewill do the same. crossword OR puzzle will return all documents which contain either of these words. crossword NOT puzzle will return a list of all documents with crossword but not puzzle. The boolean operators can be combined: (crossword OR puzzle) AND solv*


If you want to specify that the terms occur close to each other, then specify how many words can separate them, e.g. for up to 4 words apart: "across clue*"~4

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