The wiki provides articles on:

  • How to use PuzzleFoundry
  • Analysis and opinion pieces related to linguistics and puzzles
  • How to construct and solve puzzles.

Wiki documentation is constructed through markdown

Wow! There is lots to do!

PuzzleFoundry enhancement

  • RecentChanges: Where should we list to see on what people are currently working?'
  • Feature requests, prioritising and Bugs - ?
  • What is our next puzzle type going to look like? Corooswords, Poligrams and now?

PuzzleFoundry projects

  • Managing languages: How PuzzleFoundry handles different languages - Which new languages to initiate?
  • Creating (unusual) crosswords at PuzzleFoundry.

What else can we talk about?

  • Do we need a forum?,
  • Do we need a chatbox? (shoutbox)
  • What to put in the FAQ or frequently asked questions, in fact.
  • Any thoughts about "midnight" or any of our other styles? Create your own style, it will be incorporated into the site if it is good.

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