Functionality and roles on PuzzleFoundry

All users can...

  • Solve crosswords and use the basic PuzzleFoundry word searches
  • Use the wiki and perform wiki searches at top right of wiki pages

Members can also...

  • Create and save crosswords. You can Register here as a member.
  • Use some of the Unique functions from time to time.

Full members (sponsors) can also...

Editors can...

  • Maintain dictionaries directly through the Puzzlefoundry interfaces (Create or change words and modify their relationships to other words).

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a dictionary editor.

Administrators can...

  • Administrate dictionaries, puzzles and other users' roles

What does the member have to do to see their status?

Look in the Full Member page


A member can achieve extra rights by:

  • Creating puzzles
  • Working as an Editor on the language dictionaries
  • Donating money

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